Denzel Lipschitz was born in 1969. He was the first of the Lipschitz brothers born and because of this never shared the others passion for football. He was portrayed by actor Stuart Filson.

Character BiographyEdit

In 1997, or even earlier, Denzel began living with David Dong. There landlord Peter was quite close to Denzel, although he still complained about the lack of rent. To try and garner the money he owed Peter, Denzel tried some stand up at Peter's club Le Garaj. His act was not well received and he was booed off the stage. He returned to his and David's apartment and was killed by David for not making any money. Although never out right stated, it is implied that he is a religous man. This is because after being asked what they should do for money by David Dong, he replied "We Pray". His stand up routine also contained material that implied a close relationship to God.