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Coach Harry Dick was born in 1969 and is the oldest character on the series. He has appeared in four episodes of Football Confidential, and was portrayed by actor Jamie Shitwald.

Character BiographyEdit

It is not clear at what point Harry began working at John Malkovitch C.V.I. but there is no mention of a previous coach, so the assumed date would be around 1997, when Peter joined the team. Although sometimes vulgar and vile he seems to know what hes talking about in terms of Football and even gives sound advice, i.e. "Get your dicks out of your mouths and tongues out of your pussie, we got a game to win". This advice was given prior to the teams first match on the series, in terms of the Peter/Donovan combo. On the side Harry works as an embezzler, and at some point got Wolfgang involved in his money laundering operation. Not much is said about teh opertion, but an integral part of it seems to be to murder David Dong. In episode seven he gets Peter to do this. It is later revealed that it was Davids shirt that Harry wanted, so he could smell it. This is one of many occurences involving Harry and younger characters shirts. Like Wolfgang he also enjoys the occasional crack rock, and 1990s gay song. In episode seven, he and Wolfgang swim together to the tune of Dianna Ross's "Im Coming Out".

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although he hasn't appeared since episode eight, it is rumoured that Jamie Shitwald will reprise his role of Coach Harry Dick in a spin off series, wherein he will become a detective. Detective Harry DIck. Actor Jamie Shitwald has also stated many times that he wants his character to be killed off, but according to Star/Director/Producer Peter Salmoni "That's never going to happen".